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Black Star Beer Barter Ends with a Twist – or Three

Submitted by on February 8, 2012 – 11:11 amNo Comment

A couple of months ago, we previewed the Black Star Beer Barter, in which contestants performed stunts and offered trades to win a year’s supply of the golden lager brewed by Great Northern Brewery. The event, only in its second year, took place February 4, 2012, and provided some epic moments and a twist ending.

Here’s what the brewery said about it:

WHITEFISH, MONT. – The second annual Black Star Beer Barter held outside the Great Northern Brewery was an event that the town of Whitefish, Montana, may never forget.

Contestants traveled in from as far as the South Pacific and Portland, Oregon, to compete for their chance at a year’s supply of Black Star beer.  It was clear from the start that this year’s contestants were serious about winning the 52 cases of Montana’s finest golden lager.

Over a thousand spectators raised their 32-ounce tin mugs of cold Black Star as the Whitefish Winter Carnival’s infamous Royal Court blessed the Barter.

Shortly after, parting a sea of curious onlookers, Parker Beeson had his vintage 1970 Volkswagen dubbed “the ultimate party bus” towed through the unsuspecting crowd.

The crowd parts to let Parker Beeson's 1970 VW bus be towed past the judges during the Black Star Beer Barter. (All photos by Craig Moore/Getty Images)

Local skateboarding fans were stoked to see Al Partanen and David Gravette hop on stage as The Black Star Barrel Barneys.  The two pro skaters barrel-jumped and back-flipped over kegs of Black Star beer.

Pro skateboarder David Gravette barrel-jumps over three kegs on stage during the Black Star Beer Barter.

Other highlights included the Working Women of Whitefish who rode in on donkeys as “hot pieces of ass,” a glass eating-beer chugging phenomenon, and local favorite, the Naked Noodle, who bartered a year’s supply of their delicious macaroni & cheese.

The entry that blew the crowd away, and the last thing the judges were expecting to see, was none other than a fire dancer from the Cook Islands. On this frigid night in Northwest Montana, the tanned and shirtless Troy Nooroa heated up the stage, dangerously swinging two fiery batons around his head and body.

Troy Nooroa performs his island fire dance.

The 2012 Black Star Barter judging panel included celebrated pro skiers Andy Mahre and Lynsey Dyer, Whitefish Mountain Resort snow reporter “Big” David Erickson, Tony Herbert, Executive Director of the Montana Brewers Association, and Marcus Duffey, General Manager of the Great Northern Brewing Company.

After much deliberation, there was an unexpected outcome, a three-way tie between Beeson’s “Ultimate Party Bus,” Nooroa’s fire dancing, and pro skateboarder’s Partanen and Gravette’s beer stunts.

“We were completely blown away by the level of talent and creativity at this year’s Barter,” said Duffey. “We felt that several contestants truly bartered what was worth a year’s supply of Black Star beer, so we had to do it,” said Duffey.

And if three winners weren’t enough to shock the crowd, the judging panel announced the one submission that stole their hearts, Peggy Miller, a nine-year breast cancer survivor who gave an emotional presentation pledging to walk fifty-two laps in the upcoming Relay for Life.  In lieu of a year’s supply of beer, Black Star will donate $5,000 to the American Cancer Society on her behalf.

Peggy Miller of Whitefish offers to walk 52 laps for Relay for Life if she can take home a year's supply of Black Star during the Black Star Beer Barter while emcee Jason Forrest helps her gain support.

“I wholeheartedly raise my glass to this year’s Barter,” said Minott Wessinger, founder of Black Star.  “It was by far an amazing celebration of the talent of Whitefish and the spirit of Black Star beer.”

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