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Guest Post By Beth Peluse
Picture your dream vacation. Does it involve beer? We are guessing it does, since you are on the Road Trips for Beer website.
I would like to throw out a dream vacation …

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Beer, Space and Time: Crown Valley Brewing Worktruck Wheat

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Road Trips for Beer photo by Gerard WalenEvery so often, a brewery or distributor is kind enough to send me a sample or two of their beers, or someone hands me one because they want to know what I think of it.

The problem is, this site focuses more on traveling to good beer rather than reviewing it.

So what I do is pass along a few basics about the brew, give you the brewer’s take on it, and then close my eyes and use my experience and imagination to write about where the beer might best be enjoyed.

This particular brew was given to me by my father-in-law, who had a received a six-pack of it as a gift from the brewery’s owner.

Worktruck Wheat Beer (5.3% ABV)

Brewed by: Crown Valley Brewing & Distilling Company, Ste. Geneivieve, Missouri.

What the Brewer Says: Beer in Florida photo by Gerard WalenTraditional wheat based beer originating in Southern Germany. Specialty beer for the summer but is brewed all year long. A very complex unfiltered wheat beer. A distinct banana-like fruitiness is very apparent. Slight hints of clove and nutmeg underlie the medium-light body. Very lightly hopped, the first impression is the fruity esters and bread like characteristics from the malted wheat. Very easy to drink. Not for the average beer drinker. A beer best drank young; matures in only a few weeks of aging. Traditionally this beer can be served with a slice of lemon. This adds a bit of citrus note that complements the fruitiness. No fruit is added. All of the flavors come from a unique yeast strain from Bavaria. The esters are produced during fermentation.

The Space and Time: An early summer day in one of those cities with a thriving cultural scene. You’ve Road Trips for Beer photospent the morning and most of the afternoon visiting various art galleries, soaking in the creations of those who can turn their thoughts into tactile representations of their innermost feelings, and you’re thirsty. The sun’s still up; it’s not quite dinnertime, but not too early for a beer. You wander onto the sidewalk patio of a locally owned bistro, sit at a table that still holds a piece of shade provided by an unfolded umbrella shelter. The server brings you a beer list. You peruse it and order Crown Valley Worktruck Wheat. It arrives, and you sip while watching the office drones walk past on their way to catch a ride of some kind to their suburban enclaves.

Fun Fact: The founder of the brewery, Joe Scott Sr., also owns the nearby Crown Valley Winery, which grows its own grapes

Where You Can Find It: Throughout Missouri and parts of Kansas, Arkansas and Tennessee. Brewery tours are available.

Anyone interested in sending samples for this feature can find contact information here.

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