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Brewer Profile: Larry Chase of Standing Stone Brewing Co.

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In the latest of our occasional Featured Brewer series, we interview Larry Chase.

Photo courtesy of Larry Chase

Larry Chase

We met Larry during the 2011 Beer Bloggers Conference in Portland, Oregon.  Standing Stone Brewing Company, where he plies his craft, embraces sustainability in both its brewpub and restaurant. According to its website, Standing Stone “supports renewable energy, waste reduction, pollution prevention and resource conservation, builds demand for recycled and biodegradable products, and helps create a more sustainable community and planet.”

A visit to Standing Stone would be a great addition to  the itinerary of any Road Trip for Beer to Oregon’s thriving craft beer community.

Name:  Larry Chase

Age: 40

Where you live: Ashland, Oregon

Family:  Fabulous wife, Ginger Johnson, and 2 labs, Belle and Hops

Day job:  Brewer at Standing Stone Brewing Co.

Any other personal stuff you’d like to add? Attended seminary for a year after college before finding my higher calling – brewing beer.

How long have you been brewing?

14 years

Did you start by homebrewing? 
I’ve never homebrewed.  When I first was developing my interest in flavorful beer I did buy Charlie Papazian’s book, The Complete Joy of Homebrewing and read it.  At the time though I was working four jobs, 80 hours/week, to save money to travel.  So I had no time to homebrew.  I did go travel and after I spent all my money traveling I landed a job as a part-time assistant brewer and part-time bartender.  From there I launched ahead into professional brewing.

Photo courtesy of Larry ChaseWhat is your brewing philosophy?

Clean, Clean, Clean

What kind of brewing setup do you work with?

10 bbl JV Northwest system built in 1997.

What is your biggest brewing triumph?

Won a gold medal and the $5,000 award in Lallemand’s Brain of Brewers contest.  The award money helped purchase lab equipment and a Zahm & Nagel CO2 tester.

Your biggest brewing failure?

Batches dumped down the drain because of significant off-flavors.

What are you drinking right now (or just drank or getting ready to drink)? 

I gravitate to a tasty pale ale.

Photo by George Rubaloff

Photo by George Rubaloff

What are your goals for your brewing? 

Become adept at producing flavorful lower alcohol beers.

What is the most important piece of advice you can offer someone who is thinking about becoming a brewer?

Be willing to move anywhere, find a place to do an internship even if it is unpaid so that you can gain experience, get some kind of formal brewing education, and be willing to start at the bottom.

What has been the most useful resource for your brewing (book, website, store, mentor, etc.)?

A Handbook of Basic Brewing Calculations published by MBAA as well as the Practical Handbook for the Specialty Brewer.

Thanks to Larry for sharing his story with us.

If you are a brewer or know one who might want to be featured in the Featured Brewer series, please send an email to gerard@roadtripsforbeer.com.

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